The Passion Narrative

This Sunday offers us the possibility of listening to some more events of the last week of Jesus’ life, as they are recounted in the last two chapters of Mark (Mk 14-15). The story slows down considerably, and we are able to follow Jesus day by day at the beginning and hour by hour as he gets nearer and nearer to his death. He is symbolically prepared for his death when a woman anoints him with precious perfume (Mk 14: 3-9). He explains his death as giving life for the covenant God is now making with his people (Mk 14:22-25). He is then arrested, condemned and killed (Mk 14:43-15:47). Hs male disciples who should have understood him and stood by him betray and abandon him. He dies isolated from all but acknowledged by a foreigner as God’s Son (Mk 15:39) and watched over by his mother and female disciples.