Jesus Feeds a Large Crowd

This Sunday and in the coming Sundays, the Gospel Readings will be taken from chapter six of the Gospel of John. In this chapter, John speaks about the miracle of the loaves and fish and its meaning. Jesus sees the crowd following him because of the signs that he has been working.

He takes the initiative and feeds them with five loaves and two fish and there are twelve baskets full of left-overs. Following the miracle, the people recognize that he is a prophet like Moses, who had been promised (DT 18:18) and they would like to make him their king. However, Jesus leaves the mand goes into the mountains to be alone.

Come to a Deserted Place

The disciples sent our by Jesus, come back from their mission and report all that they have done and taught. Jesus then invites them to go with him to a lonely place where they could be by themselves and rest. They go off, but the crowds follow them. Jesus does not chase the crowd away but pities them and teaches them and later feeds them with five loaves and two fish. It might be helpful to read the entire section (MK 6:30-44) since the Gospels of the next five Sundays will show the meaning of the feeding of the crowd in chapter 6 of John.