Phase III Beautification Project

Building Commission Update

I am happy to report Monsignor West has approved the Phase III plan to remodel the Narthex / Restrooms / Rosary Hall. You will begin to see some things happening shortly. Hopefully we will complete the project by mid-September. YES. 2018!!

So here is an overview or scope of work we will undertake.
A) Narthex:
1) Water fountain removed (moved to Rosary Hall) Niche (where
water fountain currently is) centered to entrance door and prepared
for future water feature ( Holy Water)
2) Stone installed to match Church
3) Bathroom doors replaced
4) Panic hardware installed on entrance door
5) New Flooring
6) Paint

B) Bathrooms:
1) Paint
2) New flooring
3) New lighting
4) Add Men’s room toilet partition

C) Rosary Hall
1) Frame walls to cover brick. Run electrical for future A.V. equipment.
Create area for group meetings to utilize wall space.
2) Create space for Reference Library
3) Build and install Coffee Service area.
4) Install panic hardware on exit doors.
5) Paint
6) New flooring
7) Replace 2×4 acoustical ceiling with tegular edge 2×2 tile add R-19
Kraft batt insulation over ceiling.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. It is going to be beautiful!!!!!

John Bloxsom