Bartimaeus is cured and follows Jesus

“Bartimaeus is cured and follows Jesus”
In today’s Gospel Jesus is still on his way to Jerusalem with his disciples who are in state of fear. Three times he has told them that he is going to die there but they did not really understand him. At Jericho just before entering Jerusalem, Jesus meets Bartimaeus, a blind man, who, in spite of the crowd, makes his way to Jesus. When he is cured of his blindness he sees and without hesitation decides to follow Jesus along the road to Jerusalem and to be with him in his Passion, Death and Resurrection.

“To be a disciple is to serve others”
As Jesus and his disciples approach Jerusalem, Jesus reminds them for the third time that he will suffer, die and rise from the dead. As with the two previous announcements, the disciples fail to understand his teaching and Jesus has to challenge them again. John and James show how much they misunderstand Jesus when they ask for the places of honor in his kingdom. Once more Jesus has to teach them and all those who want to become his followers that to be his disciple is to become servants and even slaves to all, following his own example of total self-giving.


“Following Jesus whole heartedly”

Jesus is on the way to Jerusalem where he will suffer, die and rise from the dead. The disciples follow him without fully understanding how they are to behave. In today’s Gospel a man comes to Jesus and says he wants to follow him. He has been obedient to the Law of Moses since his childhood. Jesus challenges him to go beyond observation of the law, make a serious commitment to God by giving up his riches and following him. This is too much for the man and he goes away sad. When riches are a hindrance to entering the kingdom of God they must be gotten rid of.



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“Marriage is for life”


“Marriage is for life”

The Gospel of today challenge our vision of marriage. Religious leaders are often presented in the Gospel of Mark as putting Jesus to the test in order to trap him and accuse him of some crime on religious grounds (Mk 7:5; 8:11). Today’s trap is about divorce. The law of Moses permits it. Jesus forbids it. The disciples, as is often the case in Mark, do not understand Jesus’ position very well and have to be taught. Part of their formation is to become like little children so that they might share fully God’s life.