Quote on Meditation


“In our self-centered culture and classic American emphasis on work, we often feel we have to accomplish something during our times of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. We rate our experience by how ‘good’ our prayer was, how heartfelt our devotion was, or how focused we could remain. Yet prayer and contemplation are fundamentally God’s work, in which we are invited to participate. We need only to give Him the opening, and He will do the rest. By coming to adoration, we are handing Him the keys to our hearts, allowing the rays of His love and grace to bathe our souls in the light of His Presence, as the rays of the sun bathe our bodies in light. If we can take the time to pull away from the busyness and distractions of life and just sit at His feet, He will lead us.”

Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration

March 26, 2018

Our Lady of the Rosary
Pastoral Council
March 26, 2018


Mike Barrows, Chairperson Father Ambrose Akinwande Teresita R. Wright, Vice-Chairperson
Teresa Kines, Secretary Orla Kelly-Rajan George Olmoz
Veronica Contreras Frank Greco Helen Greco
Julie Michaels Robert DuCharme Sue Hayden
Grover Roland Pat Williams Lisa Grondy
Visitor: Anita Roland


    • Meeting was opened with a prayer.
    • Welcome: Mike welcomed the Council
  • Old Business:
    • Approval of February minutes:
      • Motion made by Mike Barrows. Seconded by Grover Roland. All voted in favor.
    • Commission Reports – commission reports are located at the bottom of this document.
  • New Business:
    • Finance Commission:
      • Second collections will be stopped unless we have a special reason to have them
        • Special 2nd Collections will continue


  • Commission chairs are reminded to send their projected budget needs to the Finance Commission by end of April.
  • Discussed the need for all donations to non-profit organizations need to be run through the church for documentation purposes. It documents that we are helping the community.
  • Calendar dates are due to Teresa Kines in May.
  • Two commissions (Education and Evangelization) will be writing grants to the Foundation of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte. Due April 20. We should if they will be funded in June/July.
  • Father Ambrose will petition in writing for the chairpersons of the Parish Life and the Evangelical commissions to be part of the Parish Council.
  • Many thanks to those who made the St. Patrick’s dinner a success. The event netted $1400, which will be donated to the church.
  • Meeting was closed with an Irish prayer recited by Orla Kelly-Rajan.

Next Meeting: Monday, April 23 at 6:30 pm in Parish Center

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa Kines, Secretary





Parish Commission Reports: March 2018


Education/Faith Formation:

– No report for March

Liturgy and Worship:

– – Easter 2018 Holiday Mass Schedule
Holy Thursday – 8:00 pm
Hispanic Way of the Cross – 7:00 pm – Parish Center

– Penance Service was held for Lent
– Healing Mass was held for Lent
– Ministry Fair will be held in June (Date TBD)


Community Outreach:
We will be asking for volunteers to assist the Episcopal Church at Sunday Lunch during May
Homeless Shelter Responsible Groups:
April 1 – Confirmation ClassMay 6 – Our Lady’s Guild
June 3 – Parish Council
Parish Life:
Ginger Leonard will be lead for this commission 
Hispanic Community:

– We continue to accept donations for the yard sale (April 20 & 21).

– Currently selling food and Candy to raise funds which will be part of the Festival Fund Raiser.


Our Lady’s Guild:

– Our Lady’s Guild enjoyed an informative evening in early March with Beth Leonard, a Master Gardener from our area.

– Our April meeting will be a Pizza and Bingo evening after our business meeting.

– All parish women are invited!

Knights of Columbus:

 – Public Breakfast – Saturday, May 12 – Donations received will go to the Relay for Life
–  100 Club winners are published in the weekly bulletin and are listed on the bulletin board.

Building and Facilities:

 – No report for March.


– Finance Council sees no current significant financial issues.- Finance Council will be addressing all Masses on the weekend of April 7-8 regarding the following:

Renovation; DSA; 2nd Collections and Prayerful Giving



– Lenten Discussions have been well received and both evening and morning groups have decided to continue with the groups in the future. We will invite others from the parish to join in.

– We will be recruiting folks asking them to join a Prayer Partner group which we are forming. This group will pray for requested intentions from parishioners. This will be conducted through an

email string. Intentions will be solicited through an intentions book, through email or by phone once the group is established.

– We are going to put out the Question box so people will have the opportunity to ask faith based questions or questions regarding doctrinal issues. They will also have the opportunity to leave any

ideas or suggestions they may have for the Evangelization Commission.

– We will be offering parishioners the opportunity to purchase a Mass Journal to encourage deeper engagement in the Mass.

– We are developing a list of resources that we would like to see in the proposed Resource Center for both adults and the older teens.

– We will be applying for a grant through the Foundation of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte.

Because our free resources are so well received and they are limited as to the number we get we will be asking folks if they would consider returning them when they are done with them so others may also have the opportunity to read them.

– Our next meeting is scheduled for April 9, 2018 at 6:30.


Current Activities:

– Encouraging and providing resources to improve personal prayer and reading of Holy Scripture.

– Monthly Bible Study with Father Ambrose.

– Lenten discussion groups with the hopes of continuing further discussion groups.

– Parish Champion Program through Dynamic Catholic which includes free monthly handouts of books or CD’s; access to their various programs e.g. Best Advent Ever and Best Lent Ever; a prayer partner

to pray for people’s special intentions.

– Parish Book Program through Dynamic Catholic with books given to all parishioners and visitors at


– Welcoming of visitors and new parishioners at all Masses with acknowledgement and a small gift

which includes a book and a small religious article.

– Continuing with plans for a Welcome Packet for new Parishioners.

– Establishing Prayer Partner group.

– Have Question box available for questions regarding faith issues and suggestions for Evangelization.

– Working on developing list of resources for future Resource Center.

– Applying for grant $ through Diocesan Foundation.

– Offer opportunity for parishioners to purchase a Mass Journal to engage more deeply in Mass.



Fall 2018 OLR Golf Tournament:

– Core Committee meeting held March 20, 2018 -Bob DuCharme, Jim Day, Grover Roland, Greg O’Brien

– Estimating net profit for OLR 75 Anniversary Celebration at $10,000 for FY 2018-19 budgeting purposes

– Preliminary announcement for outing will be posted on church entrance bulletin board by Easter

– Planning to do full announcement and envelopes, etc. on weekend of June 2 and June 3

– Raising price per golfer to $80, but offering a discount to $70 if signed up and paid by August 17, 2018

– Meeting with Asheboro CC planned for early April with Ken Capone

– We are making contact with previous volunteers to help with the many activities that have been scheduled.

– Contact any core committee member to volunteer to help in any area.

75th Anniversary Committee:

Members are: Teresa Kines, Teresita Wright, Orla Kelly -Rajan,  Karen Bloxsom, Maria Segura, Erin Brown, Barbara Seuberling, Chris Joss

– First meeting was held March 22 to begin discussing plans

– Discussed the date/year of the 75th anniversary

– Discussed doing a photo directory & small notebook w/history

– Discussed options for the celebration. Option 1: full weekend of events – breakfast, picnic, ending with a catered dinner/dance at a local event center. Option 2: yearlong celebration beginning in January (mass/breakfast); summer – picnic; fall – dinner/dance

– Discussed inviting members who have left our parish, local ministers and officials from Diocese

– Discussed asking for donations from other Catholic Parishes







February 26, 2018

Our Lady of the Rosary
Pastoral Council
February 26, 2018


Mike Barrows, Chairperson Father Ambrose Akinwande Teresita R. Wright, Vice-Chairperson
John Bloxsom Orla Kelly-Rajan George Olmoz
Maria Segura Frank Greco Helen Greco
Veronica Contreras Teresa Kines, Secretary Sue Hayden
Julie Michaels Pat Williams Diana Hughes
Chris Joss Grover Roland


    • Meeting was opened with a prayer.
    • Welcome: Mike welcomed the Council
  • Old Business:
    • Approval of September minutes:
      • Motion made by Mike Barrows. Seconded by Pat Williams. All voted in favor.
    • Commission Reports – commission reports are located at the bottom of this document.
  • New Business:
    • Finance Committee : It was announced that Chris Joss is chairperson. Committee Members have been picked. Discussed a positive net income of $37,000. Discussed open communication between Finance committee and Parish Council. For the 2018/19 budget year, Chris is asking for all committees/commissions to email Council secretary to compile the information. The requests will be discussed at the March Meeting.
    • The Diocese representative has suggested that the Council forms 3 new committees:
      • Stewardship
      • Parish Life
      • Youth Program


  • Discussed that the Church needs to be doing more to bring young people to the church. Discussed ideas on how to let the young people use their talents at masses. The goal is to bring these young people back.
    • Julia Michaels has been asked to pull together some people to brain storm ideas.
  • Discussed the second collection: parishioners need to know what the collection is going towards. Discussed reducing the number of second collections.
  • REMINDER: Committee chairs are reminded to send their reports to Teresa Kines.
  • Meeting was closed with a prayer.

Next Meeting: Monday, March 26 at 6:30 pm in Parish Center

Respectfully submitted,
Teresa Kines, Secretary



Parish Commission Reports: February 2018


Education/Faith Formation:

– We are more than halfway through with Faith Formation classes.

– We will be handing out “Past Due” notices to all those who have not finished paying their Faith Formation Dues on Sunday February 25th and on Wednesday February 28th.

– We will be asking for donations of candy to have an Easter Egg Hunt during regular Faith Formation classes on March 18th. 

Liturgy and Worship:

– A Penance Service is scheduled for Monday March 5th at 7:00 PM.  Priests will be available to hear confession in both English and Spanish.

– A Healing Mass is scheduled for March 21st at 12:15 pm, followed by lunch.

Community Outreach:
Homeless Shelter Responsible Groups:
April – “At-Large” Group (Confirmation Class) 
Community Life:

– Discussed beginning a Parish Life Commission

– Main responsibilities will center around social events

– Will be part of the Parish Commission’s monthly reports

– Asking for volunteer(s) from the Parish to serve on this commission


Hispanic Community:

– Stations of the Cross in Spanish (Via Crucis) will be every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

– Meeting of the Spanish Speaking Community will take place the first Wednesday of every month in the Rosary Hall.

– There was a food sale 2/25/2018 – Do not have profit numbers yet.  Should be $300.00 + or -.  Will need to figure in all the expenses.

– After the Spanish Mass we will be selling candy/chips as a fund raiser


– We are beginning to collect donations for the yard sale on April 20 & 21.  Will be renting tables for $35.00 to those who would like to sell for their profit. WE WILL NOT be accepting clothing this time.  It Is very time consuming and the profits from the sale of clothing does not warrant the amount of work.


Our Lady’s Guild:

– The Baby Bottle Campaign was a huge success – we collected $2,625.00 for the Alpha Pregnancy Center.

– Our “Chocolate Sunday” was also a success – we made $365.00 which goes towards a gift for our church.

– Our March 7th meeting will have a Master Gardener presenter.


Knights of Columbus:
 – The last breakfast was a success.  Netted $750.00 
Building and Facilities:

1) New HVAC Units

Currently soliciting Three bids for Two 5 ton Units for the church bldg. And one 3-1/2 ton unit for Parrish Life Center. All contractors are American Standard dealers as we want to be manufacturer consistent. Units to be installed in March.   Bids came in around $23, 200.


2) Rail at Organ and choir platform to be installed week of March 5th. Rising Jesus to be installed same week.


3) Met with City to discuss fencing code requirements. We can install chain link at non frontage lines, but must install some type of decorative fencing along Salisbury St. Got a budget number from one local contractor of $8500.


4) Met with Anthony Morlando (Dioceses Architect) to discuss church security. Specifically doors. And current restroom layout. Met with Local door company and awaiting budget pricing on updating entry / exit systems and replacing exterior glass doors.


5) Met with Flooring contractor to get budget pricing for Narthex / Restrooms / Rosary Hall

Pricing Commercial vinyl throughout and Ceramic tile in Narthex / restroom option.



Fiance Committee has been formed.
 – Council members are appointed for 3 years. – Members are:
Chris Joss – Chair
Ambrose Akinwande, MSP
Sue Hayden

Grover Roland

John Bloxsom

Eileen Johnson – Secretary

Gonzalo Agudelo
Maria E Barraza Lopez



– The free resource this month from Dynamic Catholic was the book Beautiful Hope which was very well received.

– The Lenten discussion groups using Dynamic Catholic’s Best Lent Ever program and the book Perfectly Yourself began last week. We have two sessions in English and one in Spanish, thanks to Consuelo Catalan.

– Member Jim Day resigned due to other commitments.

– Mext meeting is scheduled for March 12 at 6 PM.



Our Lady’s Book Club

Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly.

Please join us for any session. We have books available for $3.00 and will provide a study guide. We meet Wednesday from 11:00-12:00 and on Thursday evening from 6:30 to 7:30 in Rosary Hall.

Questions? Call Kris Joss (336) 764-1930 or Sue Hayden (774)644-9146

Reading Schedule

Wednesday, June 13 and Thursday, June 14: PART ONE: Where to From Here? (pp. 13-25) We Become What We Celebrate (pp. 27-66)

Wednesday, July 11 and Thursday, July 19: PART TWO: The Authentic Life (pp. 67-144)

Wednesday, August 8 and Thursday, August 9: PART THREE: Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality (pp. 145-228)

Wednesday, September 12 and Thursday, September 13: PART THREE: Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality (pp. 229-284)

Wednesday, October 10 and Thursday, October 11: Now is Our Time (pp. 285-324)