“Who is for Jesus”


“Who is for Jesus”

In Mark 9:38-50 Jesus continue to teach his disciples about the implications of following him. John tries to stop somebody who is not one of the group from using Jesus’ name to drive out an evil spirit. Jesus shows him that what the person had done showed that he was following him already. A true disciple of Jesus must never believe that only the members of his group, or his movement or his Church belong to Jesus and are ‘saved’. Wherever we see people doing good, healing others, liberating them from any kind of spiritual or social oppression, the Spirit of Jesus is at work.

“Jesus teaches his disciples”


“Jesus teaches his disciples”

The Gospel of today comes after the transfiguration of Jesus, witnessed by Peter, James and John (Mk 9:2-8). Jesus is now travelling through Galilee, but Mark tells us that he does not want people to know because he is instructing his disciples. He will tell them again about his coming suffering, death and resurrection which they miss completely once again, and he will have to take time to instruct them what it means to be first in the Kingdom of God and how they should welcome him, the messenger of the Kingdom.



This scene is very important in the Gospel of Mark. Jesus never asked what people thought about him. Now he does. He must teach the disciples to understand him better and especially to understand what type of Messiah he is and what type of disciples they are supposed to be. He is a Messiah who will suffer death but who will rise and they, his disciples, will have to follow the way of the cross too. As the blind man who learned to see only gradually so they too will only slowly come to understand who Jesus is.

Knights of Columbus Breakfast

Knights of Columbus Breakfast, October 13, 2018 from 06:30 to 10:30am to be held in the Parish Center. Please come join us, proceeds going to our Church 75 Anniversary celebration.

Menu: eggs, sausage, bacon, country ham, grits, milk gravy, biscuits, stewed apples, juice, tea and coffee. Minimum $5.00 donation

Church Festival

Please remember the Church Festival is planned for September 23. If you have tickets for the raffle remember to turn them in. You can put them in the collection basket or drop them off at the office.

If you would like to donate canned soft drinks or water, they will be appreciated. Please drop them off at the church office. If you would like to sell anything except food or drinks at the festival, we are renting tables for $35.00 each.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Maria Segura 336-596-5470 or Teresita Wright 336-309-3336.

OLR 4th Annual Golf Tournament

Our 4th Annual Golf Tournament is coming up September 29th.

The 2nd collection this weekend, September 22-23, will be applied to the ongoing Rosary Hall renovation in conjunction with our Golf Tournament.

Also, there is still time to purchase raffle tickets and join us for lunch during the upcoming Golf Tournament.

We need your support to make this fundraising event a success for our church.
Thank you.

Phase III Beautification Project

Building Commission Update

I am happy to report Monsignor West has approved the Phase III plan to remodel the Narthex / Restrooms / Rosary Hall. You will begin to see some things happening shortly. Hopefully we will complete the project by mid-September. YES. 2018!!

So here is an overview or scope of work we will undertake.
A) Narthex:
1) Water fountain removed (moved to Rosary Hall) Niche (where
water fountain currently is) centered to entrance door and prepared
for future water feature ( Holy Water)
2) Stone installed to match Church
3) Bathroom doors replaced
4) Panic hardware installed on entrance door
5) New Flooring
6) Paint

B) Bathrooms:
1) Paint
2) New flooring
3) New lighting
4) Add Men’s room toilet partition

C) Rosary Hall
1) Frame walls to cover brick. Run electrical for future A.V. equipment.
Create area for group meetings to utilize wall space.
2) Create space for Reference Library
3) Build and install Coffee Service area.
4) Install panic hardware on exit doors.
5) Paint
6) New flooring
7) Replace 2×4 acoustical ceiling with tegular edge 2×2 tile add R-19
Kraft batt insulation over ceiling.

Thanks for all the prayers and support. It is going to be beautiful!!!!!

John Bloxsom

Lay Ministry Formation Program

The Diocesan Office for Lay Ministry is currently accepting applications for the two-year Lay ministry program designed to help you understand more fully your baptismal call to minister to your family, to others in the Church, and to those in your daily life. This program is also a pre-requisite for the permanent diaconate. Classes for year 1 will be held in five sites: Arden, Charlotte, Greensboro, Lenoir and the Smoky Mountain area and will begin in September/October. For more information please contact Frank Villaronga at 704-370-3274 or email frankv@charlottediocese.org.