“The First Sign of The New Time”


Last Sunday we read the Baptism of Jesus. Jesus has began his public ministry and will start teaching very soon. According to the tradition he is about thirty years old at this time. In today’s Gospel we see one of the first miracles he does. Jesus is invited to a wedding with his disciple and it is there that he works his first miracle. Jesus is present at the wedding with his mother also and she is the one who invites him to help the newlywed couple. The miracle is possible because the servants obey the command of Jesus.

Baby Bottle Donations

Our Parish is once again participating in the Baby Bottle Campaign in honor of the Right to Life month.  Monies collected will go towards helping with supplies and services provided by Alpha Pregnancy to women who choose to give birth rather than abortion.  Throughout the month of January, Our Lady’s Guild members will be collecting after Masses.  Checks can be made out to Alpha Pregnancy Center.  Thank you for your generous support.

“Empowered for Mission by The Spirit”


Today’s Gospel is about the baptism of Jesus. Luke does not describe how the baptism actually happened. He does not even say who baptized Jesus. What Luke brings out in his Gospel is the effect of this baptism. There is a new experience of God and of the Spiritual as Jesus is at prayer. Jesus is empowered to carry out his Mission.

“Outsiders Seek Jesus”


The Gospel of Matthew that we read today allows us to see another interpretation of the meaning of the birth of Jesus for his own people and the rest of the non-Jewish world. Wise men came from very far to see the child and bring him precious gifts while the political and religious authorities of Israel are afraid and refuse to welcome him. They feel threatened and seek to eliminate him. Jesus is indeed a Messiah-King but the does not correspond to the Messiah-King his people were expecting and be experiences his first rejection

“A savior is born for us today”


The Gospel of today celebrates the event for which we have been preparing ourselves since the first Sunday of Advent, namely the birth of Jesus. Luke situates it during the rule of Emperor Augustus. Joseph and Mary are obliged to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem for a census. Jesus is born while they are in Bethlehem and this good news is announced first to the shepherds.


2019 marks a special time in the history of our church as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Our Lady of the Rosary.

We would like to make this year, a year of spiritual growth and renewal.  Fr. Ambrose, along with the evangelization committee, is appealing to all parishioners to participate in the 75 day Rosary Challenge, from January 1, 2019 to March 16, 2019.

This can be said with family, friends or oneself.  Rosary beads and cards are available in Rosary Hall for your use.  Always remember that Our Lady of the Rosary is our Mother and our friend.  She mediates for us between God and the World, between Christ and the Church and the world of saints and this veil of tears.  May she stand with you at all crossroads of your life and point the way to her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.

“Two future mothers share their Good news”


As we draw closer to the feast of Christmas, we turn our attention to two women Mary and Elizabeth. They will be the mothers of Jesus and of John the Baptist respectively. Mary has heard of the news that Elizabeth is expecting to give birth soon and promptly goes to visit her. Elizabeth is capable of sharing in the joy of Mary and declares her blessed. The meeting of the two mothers is at the same time the first meeting of Jesus and the one who will prepare the way for him, John the Baptist.

“What are we to do?”


In today’s Gospel Luke continues to speak about the activity of John the Baptist as he prepares the people to receive the Messiah. He asks them to straighten up their lives through repentance and baptism for the forgives of sins. In order to do this, he proposes to the different types of people who come to him concrete ways of showing their readiness to break with a past of sin and to enter into the new life he proposes. It will be a time of sharing and justice for all.

“John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus”


The way the Advent readings prepare us for Christmas seems like walking backwards. Last Sunday focused on the second coming of Jesus and this Sunday’s Gospel focuses on life and ministry of John the Baptist as he gets the people ready to welcome the Messiah any time he would appear. The oppressive political situation has heightened the desire for a savior. John warns them that any serious preparation would have to entail a preparation of the heart in a radically new way. That change of heart is symbolized by accepting to be baptized in order to have the sins forgiven.