Evangelization Commission

Mission Statement
Through the wisdom and guidance of Our Lord Jesus Christ, this commission endeavors to enrich the spiritual lives of our parishioners by promoting the practice of regular prayer and study, leading to the desire to share the Good News with others, both within and outside of our faith community.

The Evangelization Commission at Our Lady of the Rosary Church began on July 20, 2017 under the guidance of Father Ambrose Akinwande. The commission members are Consuelo Catalan, Karen Gould, Sue Hayden, Kris Joss, Orla Kelly-Rajan, Daria Wooten, Adela Baires and Charlotte Muraczewski. The commission works in conjunction with the Diocesan Office of Evangelization.

Our current activities include encouraging personal and communal prayer for our parishioners, and providing means to do so. We started a Bible study program which meets once a month under the guidance of Father Ambrose. We are involved with the Dynamic Catholic Book Program where we give free books to our parishioners at Christmas Time, and take part in their Parish Champion Program. This program provides free resource every month in the form of books or CDs and informs and encourages us to take part in their world class programs such as Best Advent Ever and Best Lent Ever. We are beginning Our Lady’s Book club to start on May 9 and May 10, 2018 which will meet once a month to discuss a Catholic resource. We have also established a Prayer Line whereby our Prayer Angels pray for intentions brought to us by the parishioners.

Future Plans
We are looking into a new program provided by Dynamic Catholic called Turning Point. This is a nine week Bible study centered on the Gospel of John. Our plans for the future also include establishing a Resource Center which will provide books and digital material for adults and teens in both English and Spanish.