Parish Ministries

Stewardship is a way of life, a way of living out our call to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Like Jesus, we recognize God as the giver of all good gifts. As stewards of God’s gifts of time, talent, and treasure, we are called to accept them graciously, nurture them carefully, use them in service to others and return them to God with gratitude.

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Ministry Contacts

Pastoral Council Mike Barrows 336-283-3810
Eucharistic Minister Helen Greco 336-764-8690
Lectors Sue Hayden 774-644-9146
Ushers Layna Rangel 336-249-0960
Music Richard Michaels 336-476-8560 | Nancy Burch 336-804-4277
Altar Servers Ann Kolb 336-619-4009
Crisis Center Frank Greco 336-764-8690
Our Lady’s Guild Karen DuCharme 336-798-7167 | Pat Sniffin 336-238-2402
Knights of Columbus Paul Warfford 336-240-7906
Faith Formation Diane Hughes 336-561-0276

Contactos Ministerios

Representante María Segura 336-596-5470
Eucaristía Luz del Carmen Peña 336-619-4068
Liturgia Saturnino Bahena 336-250-3987
Ujieres Inés de la Cruz 336-250-8401
Música Donaciano Corona 336-470-7404
Monaguillos Yasmin Velazquez 336-300-3907
Virgen Peregrina María Gonzalez 336-300-3501
Albergue Agustina Gutierrez 336-300-1067
Eventos Estela/ Aida Zuñiga 336-225-7810 | Esperanza Rincon 336-479-4864
Información Gonzalo Agudelo 336-470-1500 | Teresita R. Wright 336-309-3336